An organ composition by Frank (variations on Psalm 31 in French style) was nominated for the Hinsz-award Kampen in 1997. He had to play his own composition in the Bovenkerk in Kampen. His piece was selected with five other pieces from well over sixty pieces!

In 2000, a CD released by Dynamic Perspective ‘, a trio where Frank belonged to. The trio consisted of a soprano (Catherine Provence), a horn player (Adrie van der Veen) and Frank as the pianist / organist. On this CD there are various arrangements of Jewish songs written by Frank. On the page Discography you can find more information about this CD.

Children’s Songs

Opwekking voor kinderen

Frank writes both Christian and secular children’s songs. Some secular songs were published in ‘The Pyramide’, a monthly magazine for musicians and in a publication of the ‘Koorenhuis’, the school of music in The Hague. As for the Christian songs Psalm 25 (Lord, show me Your ways) is the best known. This song is published both in ‘Opwekkingsliederen voor kinderen’ and ‘OK4Kids'(Goed Gestemd) both in sheet music and CD. In the second ‘Timotheus’ song bundle you can also find this song. To many people this is a well known song.

Youth / Adults

Another prize he won was by writing an a cappella vocal jazz-style work : “By the way “. This work is also published by ‘Harmonia’ and could be heard on the radio . (NCRV)

Especially in the Christian field, he has many compositions to his name. His works are published by Unisong Music Publishers, Harmonia and Opwekking, but most of them published under his own business name FJJ Music. A large number of compositions was released on CD.

The choir ‘Opgewekt’ from Delft, of which he was the conductor for many years, released a CD in 1997 called “A different World” with 16 compositions by Frank. This CD is definitely worth listening to. On the page Discography you can listen to fragments of the songs and see a picture of this CD.

From time to time songs of this CD were heard on the radio program “Licht op jongerenkoren” of the ‘Evangelische Omroep’. Various other choirs are singing songs written by Frank.

Unfortunately, Frank had to stop conducting this choir because of his move to the Eastern part of the country.