Frank is originally from the traditional churches and is still often to accompany a choir or singing with the duo 2thePoint. Through his work but he is happy in all denominations and faith in God to be found anywhere. By studying church music and broad experience in many churches, he has extensive knowledge in the field of music in the Bible and church music in the broadest sense and this in a pleasant way to convey in his workshops. In the Netherlands we strongly booths / boxes thinking but the variegation of the Church of God is best seen when we cross the boundaries of church walls watch and learn from each other and what happens in the course of time to us is transferred. Frank recommends that a service wide and alternately put down, that is, the biblical message is expressed in many ways and everyone should feel at home. In English they call it blended liturgy. For the Netherlands this means both the Genevan Psalter as Revival Songs and everything in between, carefully selected and matched in content and tone. Accompanied with both the organ and other instruments as a band, in various combinations. We have a God that Creation abundant, colorful and with an incredible amount of variation in tone and has made so gevariƫeerd we have all our gifts and talents received from him. This we may also use the meetings of the Church.

Frank can after an initial explanation of the role of music in the Bible help in shaping a music team in the municipality. Throughout the country all around, Frank workshops. He can adapt to the needs out there from your town.

Several issues can be addressed as ‘light music (church) organ, such as Revival Songs For example,’ Contemporary Church Music ‘,’ Combining a music team with or without organ ‘,’ How do you combine the different styles of music in a service? “

Worship Creative

Worship Creative is an initiative by Kees van Setten, together with several others this platform, designed to equip people and to experience how different cultures and liturgical song elements together to form a whole: “Blended liturgy.” Frank is here to participate as an arranger and organist / pianist.

See also the chair of the VU tailored offers education in this field.

In America for (Grand Rapids) is the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW) expanded a great educational institution that focuses on the study and the continuing renewal of Christian worship and annually holds an international symposium.