Frank den Bakker was born in 1963. Frank was at home a lot of music by his father, violin, banjo, mandolin and harmonica playing. Even his brothers and sisters can play several instruments including guitar, violin, flute and piano.

He began his musical career when he was eleven years old when Joan Alblas and Piet van Amstel, Delft. They have a good foundation early and given the necessary music theory.

From the age of 17 Frank plays piano and organ at church services and asked a Dutch teacher of high school to Cantorij guide. Gradually he started growing corn guide.

He studied 10 years at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague: organ (teaching and performing musician), piano (DM), improvisation and continuo, church music and music education.

During his studies he came increasingly contact with contemporary music, especially gospel field. So he was greatly inspired by Keith Green, who wrote many songs with biblical content. So Frank went his musical area increase to jazz and he himself also song writing and editing.

Due to the fact that he graduated in different directions within the music he has a broad knowledge in the field of music making it much work experience during of the time.

Experience from the past

Teacher Extended School Day at the Music in The Hague.

conductor of several choirs including children’s and youth choirs, youth choirs and mixed choirs.

Music teacher at a primary school, group 1/8.

Frank was supervisor of an oratorio choir, where he regularly designs had orchestra. Here he played alongside organ solo often basso continuo.

He taught an evening where he gave music lessons to business leaders.

Frank was music editor at the International Bible Association for the religious method ‘ Start ‘. Here are some songs by himself in.

Frank has a number of workshops on Christian Artists Seminar.

He wrote 90 of 509 (organ) settings of songs of the Evangelical songbook , published by Book Center.

He was also editor for the ” Songbook Settlements for music teams ‘from the same publisher.

Frank in 2009 composed the audio logo with matching bumpers and mediating music for Local Broadcasting Almelo. These are weekly to hear.

In 2010 he made for publishing Boekencentrum the recording of “Bible Songs for Young Children” titled ” All birds fly ‘, written by Jan van Laar.

Commissioned by Kunstfactor Frank wrote in 2010, two children’s songs for Interreligious bundle CD called “Everything is forever ‘ .

Current progress of works

Conductor of the mixed choir ” The Lofstem ‘from Almelo.

Conductor of choir Together (Cantorij) of the PKN in Almelo.

For all his corn was and is Frank choral arrangements and backing tracks.

Composer of contemporary gospel songs for both children and adults.

editor for Psalms Now published by Book Center.

Workshops about church music and instrument use in the church.

Various concerts and / or performances with different (professional) musicians.

Producing several CDs in his own studio in Almelo. You will find a number elsewhere on this website. Various his own songs on CD and through listening to MP3s on this site. Some are also available as pdf for free download.

regularly play with several bands, while kids praise, gospel concerts, interdenominational activities etc.

teaching piano, organ, vocals and applied harmony.

In 2011, Frank and Hans afternoon a musical written, called Twins ; an intriguing story about twin brothers. Hans Frank wrote the text and all music. The musical is on 12 March 2011 premiere.